The understanding of Vigilante as a security group dates back to the Nigerian traditional system of “Akoda” (Guards) in Yoruba Culture in which they policed the communities on the order of the king’s native laws. The arrested deviants, offenders and suspected criminal members in the native environments were taken to the king’s place for fair hearings, judgement and necessary actions. This method of policing has with the passage of time been purified and upgraded to serve as a standard method to achieving an effective system of professional community policing that can tactically curb crime rate in the native environments. Based on this development is the existence of Vigilante Service of Ogun State with the responsibility of Saying No To Crime in the native environments.


The Vigilante of Ogun State, Nigeria emerged strongly in the heat of crimes and criminalities growing trend across the country. The performances and the deliverables of the Vigilante Service within the state become so visibleand practically effective that the government of Ogun State deliberately and decisively extended attention to this unique Vigilance activities.
In 2011, the vigilante Service was given official backing while the security outfit is foremost on the threshold of decisive official pronouncement and fully on statutory law empowerment by the government of the state.
Based on the niche the VSO has carved for the state in terms of combating crimes and the superior control over the security and safety of the communities in operational assignments, the organization has remained to be sought after. The Vigilante Service of Ogun State effective policing
the system asserts the United Nations pronouncement that the foremost and the best way to fight crime is through community policing. The strategic policing of the VSO has continued to thrive and ever result oriented as it is being experienced in the international arena where Sheriff community
vigilante exists in America and the Metropolitan Police community vigilante existing in Britain. The relevance of the VSO is strongly based on the provision of solutions to insecurity and unsafe situations in the state. The international undertone and the recognition of the Vigilante by Ogun State Government is critically imposing and demanding on the Vigilante Service in order to be more impactful intelligently and professionally in the Course of discharging duties.
The Ogun State Government is doing all that is within reach to make the Vigilante Service of Ogun State a befitting security agency. To prove this, the state Government has positioned the VSO within the structure of the State Ministry of Local Governments and chieftaincy affairs. This is an attestation to the fact that the VSO is a state security police empowered and entrusted with responsibilities of security and safety of the state communities’ protection.
In this light, the Vigilante Service of Ogun State is effectively spread for efficient coverage of the state through responsive manning structures and strategies. The coverage involves local governments and local council development areas, and Commanders head these while the local units within clustered environments are managed by unit commanders.
The Local Governments/ Local councils are grouped Into zones, and they are headed by Zonal Commanders and their executives. The reason for these structures is strategically operational am Intelligently founded in order to have a firm grasp the community realities through effective any Productive relationships among people.